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Our Work


Asset (noun): A useful or valuable quality, or thing; an advantage or resource


Opportunity (noun): a good chance for advancement or progress


Everyone deserves a chance to create their version of the American Dream: Get an education... begin a career or perhaps start business... save to buy a home... raise a family... work & retire with dignity and security. The pathway to the American Dream is the accumulation of a variety of "assets" - an education, savings, homeownership and entreprenuership - that provide an economic foundation for a more secure future.


However, currently more than 25% of Washingtonians lack access to the basic building blocks of financial security. Whether low-or-moderate income, they are only one step away from devastating crisis - an illness, loss of income or an unexpected expense - that very often results in an unrecoverable cycle of debt, making them prey for payday lenders, foreclosure or homelessness.


We believe the best way to combat poverty is by providing opportunities for Washingtonians to build assets that will provide them with financial security, not only to survive, but thrive. Our work focuses on systemic, long-term solutions that enable people to develop savings, increase their education and purchase tangible assets (such as a home, vehicle or business).


By focusing on programs & policies that help Washingtonians build assets, we create opportunities for individuals and communities to prosper.


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