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2023 "Need to Know"
A quick, concise summary of all the information you need for the coming week, including legislative updates, events, training opportunities and "must read" articles

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Money, Mindsets & Systems: A New Framework for Positive Financial Futures
Changing the landscape of financial security and opportunity for financially vulnerable people requires a deep understanding of the elements of the financial system—the products, services, experiences, distribution channels, and policies—that support individuals’ ability to achieve financial security. Becoming financially secure requires both believing that financial security is attainable for yourself and your community, AND having a positive balance sheet. New research from Commonwealth identifies four nonfinancial
factors relevant to reaching financial security: a journey mindset, aspiration- and value-centered motivations, social networks, and inclusive messagingThis is especially relevant post-pandemic as financially vulnerable people look to get back on their feet and build a financial safety net.

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